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Modern paintings with oil, watercolors, gouache, acrylic and digital

Berlin based artist and painter Martin Missfeldt shows visual arts and modern painting. He paints and draws with oil-color, gouache, watercolour, Indian ink, digitally and humor. Since 1985 he has painted a lot of partially very various pictures. In spite of all differences in subjects and techniques a certain humorous kind is common to all works. Example: Mona Lisa as Giraffe (Cartoon).

Google honors Paul Klee with a nice doodle:


Watercolor-Sketch (Kingfisher)

(Watercolor Sketch), Febr. 01, 2013, Watercolor on paper

Ink-drawing of Albert Einstein

Ink-drawing: Albert Einstein
(October 1., 2012)

Pencil drawing of Georg Baselitz

"Georg Baselitz"
(pencil drawing)

Missfeldt has studied Fine Arts and Free Painting in the Masterclass of Georg Baselitz at the University of Arts in Berlin/Germany (1988 - 1994). Since then the painter turns on modern painting. This online exhibition shows up to pictures and picture-details. This Websites shows examples of all work phases. Please enjoy and have fun ...

How to paint a realistic eye


Art & Pictures

Digital painting

Speedpainting - digital painting with Photoshop
Speedpainting - Digital
painting - Photoshop on PC

Oil paintings

Oilpaintings on canvas
Oil on canvas


Visual tests - gouache paintings
Gua on paper
Visual test pictures

Art cartoons

Funny cartoons from Nefertiti to Leonardo
Funny art cartoons
from Nefertiti to Leonardo

Concept paintings

Visual-perception paintings
Oil on canvas

Wild oilpaintings

Romantic oilpaintings
Romantic oilpaintings
Oil on canvas


Modern watercolor painting
Modern watercolor painting
watercolor painting


Funny animal cartoon illustrations
Illustrations, caricatures
funny animal cartoons

Figures / Portraits

Head-types portraits
Figures, Portraits,
head-types portraits


Drawings - fine art lines
Drawings with pencil,
Indian ink and fineliner

Abstract paintings

Fine art painting
Abstract paintings
fine art painting

short Comics

Short Comics
Short Comics
Comic-Panel pictures

Modern paintings

What is " modern painting "? This is for sure: The art epoch "classical modern age" is not meant, because the painter Martin Missfeldt takes pleasure to best health, while the classical modern painting is dead for approx. 50 years. Modern could also mean "contemporary art". Indeed, Missfeldt pictures are not occupied by concept-art or contemporary art. There are too many differences in his work. No, Martin Missfeldt is a "modern painter" because he gets inspired by the modern world surrounding him. He did his own job becuase he lives today, but without thinking about art-styles.

Malerei - Moderne Kunst
Image: Digital art painting Jack Sparrow - Picture gallery by Martin Missfeldt

My definition of art

The definition of art is topic of a long and controversy discussion between artists, art historians. It went on for decades if not centuries. This is clear: art is the result of a human creative process. Art manifests itself usually in an artwork, a piece. So art is a cultural product. In many cases, this product is for selling. That is, art is for sale - art is a commodity. And here we come back to the source question: Art is what is bought as art. These days there is no art style anymore, no overarching vision of art, not even common artistic interests. Art is what is sellable as art. You could be unhappy about it, but what for? It's much better to be happy about the art, that still exists as individual creativity.

Here his youTube-Channel: "Speedpainting art by Missfeldt"

What is painting? Art painting ...

Painting is simply the first application of color onto an image surface. To have a product in the end, that could be sold and carried away, images are often painted on the picture grounds, for example, oil paint on canvas. The days the fokus on images changes again. After finishing the time of representation of a "real world" it's time to be part of the real world. Martin Missfeldt does not paint narrative or illustrative. His painting is free from styles or expectations.

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Source: youtube.

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