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Modern paintings (oil, watercolors, gouache, acrylic, digital)

Martin Mißfeldt, me, (born 1968), artist, concept artist and blogger. The website shows my pictures and paintings. I paint and draw with oil paint, gouache, watercolor, ink and digital: drawings, illustrations, watercolors, gouache, oil paintings, oil paintings, portrait painting, digital painting, infographics and much more. Please note: my english is not the best. I used the translation of DeepL to translate my german homepage.

Since 1985 I have created many, partly very different pictures. This homepage shows examples: Pictures and picture details, which illustrate the traces of the painting process. From 1988 - 1994 I studied fine arts in the Masterclass of Georg Baselitz at the University of the Arts Berlin. You can find me on youTube - Twitter - Facebook - FineArtAmerica. Have fun...

New watercolor painting: "The jellyfish death" , completed on 15. 5.2019. Here the video (belongs to the art-work):

Watercolor painting: The jellyfish death
"Watercolor painting: The jellyfish death", watercolor on paper, 50 x 65 cm, 13. - 15.5.2019)
Please click to download the Youtube video.

New Paintings

At the beginning of April 2019 - after 25 years - I restarted again with oil painting. Why this long break?

Put simply: after an intensive study it took me a quarter of a century to find myself. When I started painting in the mid-80s, painting was "normal", contemporary and appropriate. But the art discourse has evolved. For a long time I doubted where my place could be. Out of uncertainty I have painted and collected all these years "pictures in my head" (partly also as physical sketches or digital drafts). Meanwhile I am 50 years old. Fortunately, I have managed to work creatively in various fields, so that I am now financially largely autonomous. This allows me to paint the pictures I always wanted to paint without pressure. I am neither dependent on the art market nor on the general art discourse.

Many of today's art-works are much too heavy for me - politically charged and correct, but rarely with an aesthetics that is exciting for me. It doesn't matter that my paintings don't fit in there. In times of Google image search, the perception of art and images changes so rapidly that the question of the original becomes more and more urgent. That's why I record my artistic work as videos that I publish on youtube. The respective video thus belongs "to the work".

Here are the new oil paintings (2019). - And for comparison: Here are some of the first oil paintings (school, university). Further works can also be seen on my website (german)

Painting process videos (Speedpaintings)

Some videos showing the painting process. More about it see Speedpaintings

Realistic Eye, Digital Painting, 26.4.2012
Please click to download the Youtube video.
Kingfisher (watercolor exercise), 1.2.2013,
watercolor on paper
Please click to download the Youtube video.
Albert Einstein Portrait, Digital Painting
Please click to download the Youtube video.
Albert Einstein Portrait, Ink-Drawing
Albert Einstein Portrait, Ink-Drawing, 1.10. 2012)
Please click to download the Youtube video.

Pictures, work phases and styles

Digital painting

Speedpainting - digital painting with Photoshop
Speedpainting - Digital
painting - Photoshop on PC

Oil paintings

Oilpaintings on canvas
Oil on canvas


Visual tests - gouache paintings
Gua on paper
Visual test pictures

Art cartoons

Funny cartoons from Nefertiti to Leonardo
Funny art cartoons
from Nefertiti to Leonardo

Concept paintings

Visual-perception paintings
Oil on canvas

Wild oilpaintings

Romantic oilpaintings
Romantic oilpaintings
Oil on canvas


Modern watercolor painting
Modern watercolor painting
watercolor painting


Funny animal cartoon illustrations
Illustrations, caricatures
funny animal cartoons

Figures / Portraits

Head-types portraits
Figures, Portraits,
head-types portraits


Drawings - fine art lines
Drawings with pencil,
Indian ink and fineliner

Abstract paintings

Fine art painting
Abstract paintings
fine art painting

short Comics

Short Comics
Short Comics
Comic-Panel pictures

About my painting

The paintings, paintings and drawings can be divided into numerous genres: from abstract acrylic paintings to realistic pencil drawings. I would say that many have in common a playful cheerfulness known from the Baroque period. The painting techniques are individually very different. For some time now I have also been writing in the "Künstlerbedarf-Blog" (german), which is aimed primarily at beginners and hobby painters. The mediation of artistic painting techniques is also a focus of this website. I reported about experiences with colours, brushes and painting and drawing itself. And, of course, it also includes an engagement with other artists and their attitudes. Perhaps it motivates others to share their experiences as well. Example: "Is talent for painting and drawing important or not? I also explain some painting techniques and have described them as "online tutorial for painting and drawing". For example: "What is a (good) drawing?" or "Oil painting". I have also painted some "Sehtest-Bilder". The focus is not on the vision test image as a scientific eye test, but as an aesthetic artefact. My speedpainting videos are combined on a youTube channel: "Speedpainting Images von Missfeldt".

New is the section "artistic themes". Of course it's not only important how you paint something (craft, painting technique), but also what you paint. Of course you can't generalize that - every person is individual - therefore every artist is a blacksmith of his own luck. In this subarea I try to sort my own themes first. This is only possible with some distance. While you're working on a theme, you can't and don't want to reflect on how it can be placed in a larger context. Nevertheless, this is very important. Because the themes that you work on artistically inevitably and automatically result in an artist's biography. In this context, things like "one's own style" or "individual achievement" can then (later) also be judged.

Malerei - Moderne Kunst
Image: Digital art painting Jack Sparrow - Picture gallery by Martin Missfeldt

My definition of art

The definition of art is topic of a long and controversy discussion between artists, art historians. It went on for decades if not centuries. This is clear: art is the result of a human creative process. Art manifests itself usually in an artwork, a piece. So art is a cultural product. In many cases, this product is for selling. That is, art is for sale - art is a commodity. And here we come back to the source question: Art is what is bought as art. These days there is no art style anymore, no overarching vision of art, not even common artistic interests. Art is what is sellable as art. You could be unhappy about it, but what for? It's much better to be happy about the art, that still exists as individual creativity.

Here his youTube-Channel: "Speedpainting art by Missfeldt"

What is painting? Art painting ...

Painting is simply the first application of color onto an image surface. To have a product in the end, that could be sold and carried away, images are often painted on the picture grounds, for example, oil paint on canvas. The days the fokus on images changes again. After finishing the time of representation of a "real world" it's time to be part of the real world. Martin Missfeldt does not paint narrative or illustrative. His painting is free from styles or expectations.

I am blogging :-) Please feel free to visit my blog with a focus on optimizing images for image-search-engine here: Meanwhile I have some experience on "how to rank better with your pictures in Google image-search". And I like to share this with other artists.

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