Picture-Gallery Infographics Eyes / Seeing by Martin Missfeldt

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Infographics Eyes / Seeing

Gallery Description

I run a number of informational websites. Some of them are related to eye and vision. Besides the website "Sehtestbilder.de", on which I have published a whole series of vision tests, optical illusions, but also information articles over the years, this is above all the website: Brillen-Sehhilfen.de. Since my artistic beginnings I have been concerned with the question of how seeing works (and with it the perception of art). Do all people see the same? Is there a "visual taste", like eating or hearing? How strong is the influence of the "physiological visual process" on the "visual image" in the head?

For the articles on these websites I have created a whole series of graphics - or even complex infographics. They are all digitally constructed or painted. Mostly I use Flash (from old tradition) for the sketch, because I can handle it quite well and because one can realize vector graphics with it, which have clean, stest equally thick lines. These sketches are then refined with Adobe Photoshop and mesit labeled.

In my - classically educated - understanding of art, this work is completely unartistic. It is simply applied graphics - with a clear goal, what the picture should convey in which context and to whom it is directed. Nevertheless, I show it now on these pages, too, because the whole thing naturally has an influence on my other pictures. Both technically and mentally.