Swimming in Itzehoe | Oilpainting by Martin Missfeldt

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Swimming in Itzehoe

Image Description

This oil painting shows the swimming pool in Itzehoe. As a teenager I spent the hot summer days there. In the background the ten-meter tower, which the very particularly bold used to impress girls, no, actually the guys.


The motif is painted monochrome in artificial green on a bright orange background. And in this shade of orange, terms overlay the scenery: "half-unity", "relative", "mediocre", "draw", "draw", "stalemate", etc. This image expresses a crisis. It was the realization at that time that my biography was not suitable for being an artist. The boy from Itzehoe in the north (west) of Germany was only an immigrant. It became clear to me at that time that an "artist who conforms to the art market" needs first and foremost a "problematic" or at least "socially relevant" biography. The pictures or works are actually secondary, because as monetizable products they only transport the brand [artist's name]. And I realized that I could not afford that.

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Swimming in Itzehoe (Detail 1)
Swimming in Itzehoe (Detail 1)
Swimming in Itzehoe (Detail 1) Swimming in Itzehoe (Detail 2) Swimming in Itzehoe (Detail 3) Swimming in Itzehoe (Detail 4)