Oil Painting - Oil Painting (online tutorial, instructions)

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Priming a canvas on a stretcher frame (instructions)

If you have assembled a stretcher frame for an oil painting and stretched a canvas (or a comparable fabric), the picture carrier must be primed. The priming is of fundamental importance for the colour effect and the durability of the later picture. There are numerous methods of priming, which differ mainly in terms of the primer used. The following video shows a very simple way of applying a primer in one go:

Canvas on Kail frame prime for oil, acrylic, tempera or gouache
Canvas on Kail frame prime for oil, acrylic, tempera or gouache
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Material and tools

The following materials are required for priming the canvas on a stretcher frame:

Apply primer

The priming of the canvas is very simple:

The following should be observed:

Canvas priming

Why is the primer so important?

Why does an oil painting need a primer? There are three reasons for this:

A major disadvantage of finished canvases that you can buy in specialist shops is that you usually don't really know how the primer was applied. For the layman and beginner this may be an advantage - because you can of course do a lot wrong with the primer. But in the long run you lose control over the canvas - and you risk unpleasant long-term consequences. A bad primer is usually only noticed years after the picture is finished.

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