Chameleon (Visual Test Art) | Oilpainting by Martin Missfeldt

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Chameleon (Visual Test Art)

Image Description

The "Chameleon" is painted as an eye test, with many coloured circles, which, however, are still differentiated in colour. The overriding theme is "Art and Vision". The painting technique "oil painting" is particularly suitable here because the wet colours can still be further differentiated on the canvas (lighter than e.g. in a watercolour painting). The oil paint thus offers the possibility of making the colours glow despite the opaque application of paint. The picture as "gemstone in the living room" :-)

I had started the topic of color vision tests during my studies. The first pictures of this kind were gouaches (see here). After further attempts I had painted 1994 the picture "see colors" with oil on canvas. Unfortunately I had not pursued the approach further at that time. On the contrary, if I remember correctly, it was the last oil painting I had painted at that time. Afterwards I did not do any oil painting for almost 20 years.

However, I have already pursued the topic "seeing" and "color vision tests" further. On my website I put many of them online. However, most of these pictures are digitally painted or created.

Apart from the oil painting itself, the video with the creation process is also part of the "work":

Video with this image

The following video shows the painting process as a time-lapsed video.

Chameleon (Visual Test Art)
"Chameleon (Visual Test Art)", Speed painting, digital painting (Photoshop, Grafiktablett)
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Chameleon (Visual Test Art) (Detail 1)
Chameleon (Visual Test Art) (Detail 1)
Chameleon (Visual Test Art) (Detail 1) Chameleon (Visual Test Art) (Detail 2) Chameleon (Visual Test Art) (Detail 3) Chameleon (Visual Test Art) (Detail 4) Chameleon (Visual Test Art) (Detail 5)