Picture-Gallery Icons of pop-culture - time lapsed painting videos by Martin Missfeldt

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Icons of pop-culture - time lapsed painting videos

Gallery Description

Digital Painting: These images are painted on the computer. MiƟfeldt paints his digital images on a conventional PC. Instead of a mouse he is a Graphic tablet (Wacom Intuos3 A4). It comes with a special stylus on a sensitive area painted. The pen tip Where a Siganl on the computer. As a program for digital painting uses Missfeldt Adobe Photoshop CS3.

The advantage of digital painting is certainly the effectiveness of the painting. Photoshop offers many opportunities, filters and effects. Especially the possibility to create new layers and layers separately to edit, compared with the traditional painting of great advantage. A disadvantage of digital painting, especially for artists, is the loss of haptic original. A digital painting is final just before digitally. Learn more about Speed Paintings here