Coast in Brittany | Watercolor by Martin Missfeldt

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Coast in Brittany

Image Description

This watercolor was the first after a long color thirst, after all the pencil drawings. I finally wanted to paint with color again. After the portraits with the colored dots, which remind me of color vision test pictures, I now started a series using photos from my vacations. Since we have been in Brittany in the past years always in summer, it was obvious to pick out the photos from that time and use them as templates. Especially since this year's vacation had to be cancelled due to Corona.

I did not create a video of this image (and the following ones). I just wanted to paint and not get bogged down with this technical fuss. In general, I have had the feeling for a few weeks now - probably also due to Corona - that all this digital editing is basically just holding me up. For a long time I had the hope that I could at least bring something contemporary into it.But whether it's really worth the time, I'm beginning to doubt ...

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Coast in Brittany (Detail 1)
Coast in Brittany (Detail 1)
Coast in Brittany (Detail 1) Coast in Brittany (Detail 2) Coast in Brittany (Detail 3) Coast in Brittany (Detail 4) Coast in Brittany (Detail 5)