Portrait Hieronymus Holzschuher | Watercolor by Martin Missfeldt

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Portrait Hieronymus Holzschuher

Image Description

The template of this watercolor portrait is the painting of "Hieronymus Holzschuher" from the Gemäldegalerie Berlin. It is the counterpart to "Jakob Muffel". Again, this painting is composed only of colored dots.

Why these two Dürer portraits? In short, I wanted to test what works. Both portraits shine through an imprecise attention to detail, one has the feeling to see every hair, every wrinkle in the faces exactly. It was precisely on these images that I wanted to test what the colored dots could do. I'm doing away with lines and contours completely, all the things that are commonly thought of as being true to detail. Instead, I focus exclusively on color and differentiated color values to paint the portraits. Strictly speaking, they are pure color pictures, the complete abandonment of line and drawing.

The amazing thing is: they are almost anti-vision tests. Normally, pictures become more recognizable the closer you get to them. With my pictures it's the other way around: they become more recognizable when you move further away. I even imagine that they become more detailed. That's probably because I have these images in my head. The further away I go, the more the colored dots blur into one big whole, thus evoking the memory in my mind. This causes me to think I see more departs the farther away I am. I see with my memory, so to speak. The color is only the occasion that awakens this memory.

Because I wear glasses with about 3.5 diopters, I can also cause this effect by taking them off at a distance of about 1 meter. For that reason, it is relatively easy for me to visually check the quality of my images without having to constantly walk back and forth.

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Portrait Hieronymus Holzschuher (Detail 1)
Portrait Hieronymus Holzschuher (Detail 1)
Portrait Hieronymus Holzschuher (Detail 1) Portrait Hieronymus Holzschuher (Detail 2) Portrait Hieronymus Holzschuher (Detail 3) Portrait Hieronymus Holzschuher (Detail 4) Portrait Hieronymus Holzschuher (Detail 5)