Watercolor Peasant Dance after Bruegel (Neo-Pointilism) | Watercolor by Martin Missfeldt

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Watercolor Peasant Dance after Bruegel (Neo-Pointilism)

Image Description

This watercolor painting I have painted from 17.5. to 20.5.2022. The model of the neo-pointilistic image is the peasant dance by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It is with 60 x 87 cm quite large (compared with my previous watercolors).

The original painting by Pieter Bruegel hangs in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. True, it's been more than 20 years since I've seen the painting. But I can well remember this earthy, yet colorful serenity. Nevertheless, as with the previous pictures, there remains this uncertainty whether I have hit the colors reasonably well. Because I fall back only on illustrations. The catalogs (real, print) are very nice to look at, but with many pictures there are sometimes considerable differences to the digital images that I find on the Internet - especially via Google Image Search. So before each new image, I do a lengthy internet search, comparing the available images and then trying to use the most appropriate template in each case.

Why Bruegel? Why Baroque? For some time now, I have been thinking about why it is that I am so driven to the Bruegel paintings right now? Without wanting to judge it conclusively: it seems to me as if I felt in his pictures this defiance against the uncertain times. Much of what we experience and witness today is marked by stark contrasts: the Corona crisis, the war in Ukraine, health concerns in general, fear of supply shortages - and at the same time (and perhaps for that very reason) this greed for the here and now. For music, dance, joie de vivre - even if socially it very often comes across as quite superficial. Are we intentionally anesthetized in order to no longer critically question anything. Do we long for one-sided reporting in order to indulge in defiance? ...

Whatever. In any case, Breugel's images are highly topical for me. Both intellectually and aesthetically, the images force themselves into my consciousness. Logically, therefore, I use them as image templates for my neo-pointillist watercolors.

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Watercolor Peasant Dance after Bruegel (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 1)
Watercolor Peasant Dance after Bruegel (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 1)
Watercolor Peasant Dance after Bruegel (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 1) Watercolor Peasant Dance after Bruegel (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 2) Watercolor Peasant Dance after Bruegel (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 3) Watercolor Peasant Dance after Bruegel (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 4) Watercolor Peasant Dance after Bruegel (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 5)