The oiled lightning (watercolor) | Watercolor by Martin Missfeldt

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The oiled lightning (watercolor)

Image Description

The watercolor the Oiled Lightning shows an underwater landscape with a coral reef. For the first time in a long time I have chosen a rondo, so a round picture format (the watercolor paper is of course square, 70 x 70 cm). The composition shows a sloping reef landscape, which slopes from the upper right to the lower left. On the left, the image is bordered by a dark coral formation in the foreground.


A serpentine darkening runs through the middle of the image in the background, that is, not as a line of dots, but as a colored background between the dots. It reaches the reef bottom and spreads out there. The pun "The oiled lightning" illustrates how fast some things can go in nature.

The dots are, compared to previous images, partly very large. This sometimes leads to an unclean color gradient, which in some places looks like a gouache. Insgesamt wirkt vieles trotz der kräftigen Aquarellfarben etwas abgedämpft und schmutzig. Das passt durchaus zum Bild, aber ich habe mir für die "Bullaugen-Serie" (auf rundem Bildformat) vorgenommen, wieder etwas kleiner zu arbeiten.

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The oiled lightning (watercolor) (Detail 1)
The oiled lightning (watercolor) (Detail 1)
The oiled lightning (watercolor) (Detail 1) The oiled lightning (watercolor) (Detail 2) The oiled lightning (watercolor) (Detail 3) The oiled lightning (watercolor) (Detail 4) The oiled lightning (watercolor) (Detail 5)