Playground at Gorinsee (Drawing) | Ink drawing by Martin Missfeldt

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Playground at Gorinsee (Drawing)

Image Description

This drawing shows a piece of forest near the Gorinsee near Berlin. It is drawn with black ink, which was applied with the help of a brush pen. You can see a mushroom, several tree trunks and thickets on the forest floor. This style of drawing is all about details: branching lines, tiny strokes and dots, hatching and areas. As with the other images in this series, I draw shadows (black) to create light. In the drawing itself, during the process, I don't notice it. I focus on the black strokes. And it's always amazing when I pin the result to my bulletin board and notice how suddenly the light appears in the image. It's as if the finished picture is seized by the light and flooded with it, so that it then attaches itself to the picture and never disappears again afterwards. In good pictures, I manage to capture a lot of light. In the bad ones, it's only a relatively small amount of light that wants to attach itself to the image.

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Playground at Gorinsee (Detail 1)
Playground at Gorinsee (Detail 1)
Playground at Gorinsee (Detail 1) Playground at Gorinsee (Detail 2) Playground at Gorinsee (Detail 3) Playground at Gorinsee (Detail 4) Playground at Gorinsee (Detail 5)