Picasso Portrait (Neo-Pointilism) | Pencil drawing by Martin Missfeldt

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Picasso Portrait (Neo-Pointilism)

Image Description

With this drawing I have tried something that was long in the room. I have drawn a portrait that consists exclusively of points. However, no colored points, as before, but as a drawing with only black points. As a tool I have chosen a sharpie pen. This pen doesn't forgive mistakes: you can't correct it. That's exactly why I love this kind of ink or ink drawings: you can't hide anything. Everything is honest and exactly as it comes out of the hand. Of course I was annoyed during the working process that the dots are not round but egg-shaped. But in the end it is precisely these errors and shortcomings or weaknesses that make the charm. After all, they show that the work was not created by machine, but manually, as the sum of an infinite number of visual decisions.

Because of the reduction to black and white, a problem naturally arose: where the dots would normally all cover the background evenly, in this version I naturally had to vary the size of the dots so that the subject - in this case a portrait by Picasso - would be recognizable. After the picture was finished and I hung it on the wall, the question arose in my mind: would a computer algorithm actually ultimately reduce this in exactly the same way? Did I work after an algo?

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Picasso Portrait (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 1)
Picasso Portrait (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 1)
Picasso Portrait (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 1) Picasso Portrait (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 2) Picasso Portrait (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 3) Picasso Portrait (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 4) Picasso Portrait (Neo-Pointilism) (Detail 5)