Mantis Shrimp (color vision test) | Oilpainting by Martin Missfeldt

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Mantis Shrimp (color vision test)

Image Description

The video shows as time lapse the creation of a (semi-) abstract oil painting. The motif is a mantis shrimp, which is designed in the style of a colour vision test. The oil painting belongs to the series "Animals that can change their colour". Methodically it consists of three painting levels: the colour dots (basic colour), the joints (between the dots) and the light points (overlapping brightening or colour intensification).

In this picture I proceeded differently than before: the preliminary drawing showed only some contours of the cancer, but no pre-drawn points. I painted the color points quasi freehand directly on the canvas - therefore most of them are anything but circular. Then I drew the light points with a round shape. In the next step I painted the joints between the color points. Thereby I left out the pre-drawn light points.

The following video is part of the artwork. Since the painting process is of great importance to me as a painter (when I make which painterly decisions), I document each oil painting in a time-lapse video. In case of an exhibition, the video should be shown near the painting.

Video with this image

The following video shows the painting process as a time-lapsed video.

Mantis Shrimp (color vision test)
"Mantis Shrimp (color vision test)", Speed painting, digital painting (Photoshop, Grafiktablett)
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Mantis Shrimp (color vision test) (Detail 1)
Mantis Shrimp (color vision test) (Detail 1)
Mantis Shrimp (color vision test) (Detail 1) Mantis Shrimp (color vision test) (Detail 2) Mantis Shrimp (color vision test) (Detail 3) Mantis Shrimp (color vision test) (Detail 4) Mantis Shrimp (color vision test) (Detail 5)