Tips and inspiration for watercolor painting

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Watercolor paper for watercolor painting


A suitable watercolor paper is decisive for the success of watercolor painting. This is due to the special properties of the watercolor and above all to the water. Watercolor paints are dissolved with water and painted. The paper must react with the water in such a way and work together that one has as much control as possible over the picture.

Basically it can be said that the paper is an essential factor for the controlled ink application. Since the painting technique is an essential factor for the quality of watercolors, one should always strive to use a suitable watercolor paper.

Watercolor paper / artist paper

Watercolor paper is a paper optimized for the artistic technique of watercolor painting (painting with pigments that can be mixed with water), but it can also be used for other drawing techniques. The paper must absorb watercolors well and must not break through, at the same time it must be erasable.

Watercolor paper with colour gradient
Watercolor paper (250 gr/m², "Burgundy") with colour gradient

Watercolor Paper Types

Good watercolor paper can be ordered in specialist shops. One differentiates watercolor paper according to

One cannot really say which watercolor paper is particularly good. Because that depends on the type of use. Beginners are advised to choose a paper that does not have too strong a texture. Although this can be used very effectively, it requires some experience.

Watercolor paper for beginners

For beginners the watercolor paper "Burgund" from Hahnemühle (fine, 250 gr / m²) is a good basis. The paper is quite fine and does not suck so fast. At the same time it hardly waves. You can buy it in stacks of 10 or 20.

Watercolor Papers
Watercolor Papers

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