Lobetal forest edge (drawing) | Ink drawing by Martin Missfeldt

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Lobetal forest edge (drawing)

Image Description

The template for this drawing I have photographed during a walk in the Lobetal. For my pictures it is important that I access photo templates that I have made myself on the spot.


This picture was comparatively elaborate, logical, with so veilen small twigs and branches. Although I'm already working for weeks on the series with the Brandenburg landscapes, I'm only with this image really realized what I'm actually doing: I draw black lines, strokes and spots - and create light. Because visually they are light-flooded, warm landscapes. So it's the white, the negative form that I don't work on at all, that forms the character. This realization sounds banal, but I wasn't really aware of it before. This tension is also exactly what makes the creative shoot surprising again and again, this optical switching, when black spots suddenly turn into light.

This also explains how these black-and-white drawings fit together with the colorful paintings of my Neo-Pointilism: the effect differs between close-up and distant views. From close up you see here only black spots, from far away it is white light.

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Lobetal forest edge (drawing) (Detail 1)
Lobetal forest edge (drawing) (Detail 1)
Lobetal forest edge (drawing) (Detail 1) Lobetal forest edge (drawing) (Detail 2) Lobetal forest edge (drawing) (Detail 3) Lobetal forest edge (drawing) (Detail 4) Lobetal forest edge (drawing) (Detail 5)