Wukensee (Brush-Pen-Drawing) | Ink drawing by Martin Missfeldt

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Wukensee (Brush-Pen-Drawing)

Image Description

This drawing shows the Wukensee in Brandenburg, seen from the lido. We have been going there in the summer for almost 20 years to swim.

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Wukensee (Brush-Pen-Drawing) (Detail 1)
Wukensee (Brush-Pen-Drawing) (Detail 1)
Wukensee (Brush-Pen-Drawing) (Detail 1) Wukensee (Brush-Pen-Drawing) (Detail 2) Wukensee (Brush-Pen-Drawing) (Detail 3) Wukensee (Brush-Pen-Drawing) (Detail 4) Wukensee (Brush-Pen-Drawing) (Detail 5)