Pencil drawing: Desire | Pencil drawing by Martin Missfeldt

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Pencil drawing: Desire

Image Description

This artistic pencil drawing is called "Longing". It is a kind of Corona image that expresses the longing for distance and exoticism. The lonely giraffe in the snowy mountains symbolizes this wanderlust. It's kind of surrealistic, like this whole lockdown during the Corona pandemonium. And in addition, it's even snowing ...

The landscape is basically all cheesy, kind of like a Bob Ross painting as a pencil drawing. To make matters worse, I also etched snowflakes into the picture. That was actually the real challenge that appealed to me at first. This surrealistic giraffe came to me only during the drawing.

In the artistic context, I find the middle ground particularly exciting. While the foreground is dominated by the relatively clearly recognizable fir trees and the giraffe, the middle ground extends stage-like into the depths. In the process, the fir forest valley is enveloped by a blanket of fog that I found challenging to draw. Basically, I'm moving in a sort of William Turner world here. I want to pursue these misty, windy, perhaps even stormy areas in the drawings that follow.

Interesting to me, moreover, is that this image made me realize again how important erasing is to me. Basically, I only distribute the graphite on the paper, so that I can then erase. Or to put it another way: shaping light is closer to me than darkening shadows. But of course, in the end, it always comes down to distributing delightful light-dark contrasts on the page. Whether or how this realization will move me forward, I can't say at this point.

I drew this image live on Twitch (there weren't many viewers, though). This means I can now download the raw video footage and create a time-lapse video of it, which I will then upload to Youtube. Quasi a documentation of my artistic work.


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Pencil drawing: Desire (Art) (Detail 1)
Pencil drawing: Desire (Art) (Detail 1)
Pencil drawing: Desire (Art) (Detail 1) Pencil drawing: Desire (Art) (Detail 2) Pencil drawing: Desire (Art) (Detail 3) Pencil drawing: Desire (Art) (Detail 4) Pencil drawing: Desire (Art) (Detail 5)