Ölmalerei - Ölbilder malen (online Tutorial, Anleitung)

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How to stretch a canvas on a frame (instructions)

Who has decided not to buy his canvases ready, but to build them himself, must also cover a stretcher frame with a canvas. It takes some routine before it runs smoothly, but the principle is always the same. The following video describes the process: covering a stretcher frame with canvas takes only a few minutes:

Stretch canvas on stretcher frame
Stretch canvas on stretcher frame
Please click to download the Youtube video.

Material and tools

You need the following materials to build your own image carrier:

Assembly sequence

The procedure for mounting the canvas on a stretcher frame is very simple:

How to proceed will be explained in the instructions: priming the stretched canvas.

Stretching canvas on a stretcher frame

Is it worth covering the stretcher frames yourself?

Now many questions will arise: Is the effort worth it? What is the advantage of buying the stretcher frames as strips and covering and priming them yourself after assembly? After all, there are a lot of material costs involved:

The answer depends on the amount you need. Because only at a certain quantity can the purchase prices of the individual cost factors be reduced to such an extent that it pays off. In my experience, it is worth it with an average image size of about 50 x 70 cm from about 12-15 image carriers. If you paint less anyway - or if you don't have enough storage possibilities, then building it yourself doesn't really pay off.

Irrespective of the price, the question of quality naturally arises: if you buy covered and preprimed stretcher frames in specialist artists' shops or even order them online, you hardly have any real insight into the quality of the materials used. There is usually still some information about the fabric, but how long the stretcher frames have dried through, or which primer has been applied, is usually a secret of the manufacturer.

Therefore: if you want to have full control over your work, you organize everything yourself. And this also includes the picture carrier or the primed canvas.

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