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Image Description

The oil painting "Octopus (Sehtest9" belongs to the series: "Sehtestpictures of animals that can change their colour". Before that I painted the Chameleon. The picture is painted with oil on canvas and measures 100 x 130 cm. It consists of "points" and "joints" (between the points).

First of all I put a preliminary drawing on the canvas with pencil, which I fixed with acrylic emulsion. After the underpainting, in which the coloring is roughly applied, I painted the joints. Basically as if you would make a mosaic with round, coloured tiles. But the colour of the joints is not uniformly white, but coloured.

The colored dots follow - so, to stay in the picture: the round tiles. Debi the color of the background is intensified and usually slightly modified.

The last layer are the "light points". For this I drew circles on the image again, but they are offset, so that they overlap several color points. The intersection is then highlighted by lightening the respective color tone. This gives the impression as if light rays from a church window with mosaic fall on the colored tiles on the floor.

The painting process itself is important for me as an artistic act. Therefore this video belongs to the "artwork". In an exhibition both should be shown. The following video shows the painting process of oil painting. Painting time about 24 hours, compressed as time lapse in 6 min. The video shows that the painting process takes place in 5 stages:


oilpainting-octopus-visual-test (Detail 1)
oilpainting-octopus-visual-test (Detail 1)
oilpainting-octopus-visual-test (Detail 1) oilpainting-octopus-visual-test (Detail 2) oilpainting-octopus-visual-test (Detail 3) oilpainting-octopus-visual-test (Detail 4) oilpainting-octopus-visual-test (Detail 5)